Accounts Receivable

Do You Need to turn your invoices into actual working capital?

Applying for our accounts receivable financing program is easy, even for businesses with less-than-ideal credit. This is because financing receivables involves providing cash advances for unpaid invoices. These items have innate value, so your company’s credit history doesn’t affect approval. Here are the benefits of AR financing:

  • Fast approval
  • Working capital for any need
  • Significant funding amounts
  • No payments to worry about
  • No collateral required

Helping You Stabilize Your Finances

One of the advantages of accounts receivable financing is that it can help you rebuild your credit score over time. As your cash flow stabilizes, and as you repay your suppliers consistently, these things can reflect positively on your credit score. The reason financing receivables helps is that it lets you get immediate capital when needed. If you’re still waiting for customers to pay you, and bills are coming due, you can get the funds to pay your suppliers on time.

Requirements for AR financing


  • Invoices that are not past due
  • Detailed A/R aging report in excel format

May need:

  • financial statement
  • inventory system

To learn more about AR financing, contact us right away.