Why Ownership Is Key to Your Success and How to Build it With Your Team

Your employees are the fire that will fuel your company; however, it is not always easy to fire up and inspire your staff with the same vigor and energy that you have. What you may have a sense of ownership of your work, your staff may need a little help to see feel this same fire. If you want your team to have a sense of ownership, here are four tips to increase accountability, establish a sense of purpose and increase motivation for your team.

Emphasize Purpose and the Mission

As the leader of the organization, you likely have a keen sense of the purpose and view of the bigger picture. These can be an influential force, but only if the connection to an individual’s work is clear. As a manager, you need to make sure that everyone can see how their role and their daily tasks align with the company’s mission and purpose. This can help everyone at every level of the company can see the impact that their work has.

Recognize and Reward Extraordinary Effort

Fewer things are more demoralizing at work than being ignored and overlooked. If you want your team to have a sense of ownership of their work, they need to know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. They have to feel like they are not just another cog in the wheel and rather an appreciated member of the team.

Always Operate With Transparency

Another common mistake that business leaders make is operating without transparency. When you operate with transparency, there is often uncertainty in the atmosphere and a clear disconnect from senior leadership and lower-level employees. While it is unlikely that everyone will be happy with every decision, transparency shows a sign of respect and care for your team.

Involve Your Employees in the Company’s Future and Planning

If you want your teams to feel like they have ownership over their work, having them directly involved in the grander decision-making process can be a very clear way of exhibiting that. Not only does this show that you value transparency and keeping them in the loop, but you also give them the chance to use their voice. This valuable step is paramount to prioritizing your team. It can instill a sense of buy-in and also give you a broader sense of perspectives and viewpoints.

Establishing a sense of ownership over the work requires more than just empty words. You need your employees to see that their perspectives are valued, their voices are heard and that they matter. This requires actions that align with your statements and can go a long way in building trust, accountability and motivation at work.